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Your Content Goes Here ZOO ATLANTA/THE DIAN FOSSEY GORILLA FUND I facilitated in the design, data collection and entry of four concurrent research projects on captive apes, lemurs, and monkeys run by Dr. Tara Stoinski: “Social Learning in Captive Ring-Tailed Lemurs;” “Orangutan Empathy (A Replication of Dr. Frans De Waal's Research);”

Nature, Ecology, and Society


Your Content Goes Here One of my biggest passions is my involvement with the Nature, Ecology, and Society (NES) network at CUNY.  The NES network an amazing team of students and faculty at CUNY who come together to discuss our shared concerns of issues like: environmental ethics, ecology, environmental justice, climate change, conservation, and

Recycling Behaviors


Your Content Goes Here A group of students at the Graduate Center (GC) formed a Sustainability Working Group to carry out research on the recycling behaviors of people at the GC.  We were interested to know how people recycle and interpret the signage surrounding the various waste receptacles.  Further, we were also

Dissertation: Coexisting With Carnivores


Your Content Goes Here As human populations expand and landscape development continues to encroach upon the already imperiled wilderness of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE), predatory stakeholders are encountering and entangling with one another more frequently- both materially and semiotically.  The result has been pronounced spatial, biological, and social conflicts across species. 

Northern Rockies Atlas of Conflict Prevention


Your Content Goes Here The need to proactively mitigate carnivore-livestock conflicts in the Northern Rockies is essential to securing rural agricultural livelihoods and simultaneously ensuring connectivity for these native wildlife populations. The overall goal of this project, being conducted through my position as Program Manager at Future West, is to reduce livestock-predator conflicts throughout

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