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To Montana, With Love

Last days are always bittersweet, and the conclusion of fieldwork is no different.  Labor Day weekend is notoriously symbolic as the end of summer, and for me it represents the wrapping up of my research out West.  I've been home a little over a week, and, unsurprisingly, it's taken me a few days to get back in the swing of New York City's pace.  It's hard shifting gears from a summer of open spaces

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Country Roads

The past week or so has been an odyssey or, rather, a number of them.  So far this summer, I've managed to put over 2,000 miles on my rental car (AKA the Aloha mobile--I'm sure I make many kids playing the license plate game very happy with that Hawaii plate).  I like to talk to people in person, and many of the individuals I speak with live in various cities and towns around the

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Sense and Sensibility: Ethnography, Podcasts, and Sandi

When I first got to Montana and started writing down my field notes, I took a few pictures and sent them off to my advisor Cindi.  Nothing screams appropriate quite like sending your advisor a picture of you doing a cartwheel in a field.  However, she took it in the vein I intended, and told me some good advice: 'Have fun, ask questions, and use your senses all the time!'  This reminder is something

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