Project Description

Creative Pursuits

Whenever possible, I try to balance my research, environmental engagement, and academics through creative avenues like knitting, sewing, and crochet.  If you’re ever interested in some of my work or having a lesson with me, feel free to get in touch.

hannah jaicks creative pursuits coffee knitting projects

Coffee and Knitting. The best way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

hannah jaicks creative pursuits mittens hat knitting projects

Early Projects: Bella Mittens, Bird in Hand Mittens, and Fisherman’s Cable Hat

hannah jaicks creative pursuits honolulu yoga

Morning yoga on a volcano.

Having taught yoga prior to starting graduate school, I continue to stay involved with any activity that involves dance, agility, or movement.  I’m happy whenever I’m in motion- in a studio or practicing guerrilla yoga during my various travels.  Occasionally, I still convince people to let me teach them how to connect with their breath and move.

hannah jaicks creative pursuits silks aerial

Aerial arts.