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Animal Archives


          I facilitated in the design, data collection and entry of four concurrent research projects on captive apes, lemurs, and monkeys run by Dr. Tara Stoinski: “Social Learning in Captive Ring-Tailed Lemurs;” “Orangutan Empathy (A Replication of Dr. Frans De Waal's Research);” “Technology Usage and Capacities of Captive Orangutans;” “Behavioral Responses of Captive Juvenile Gorillas to Novel Foods.”



          As the penguin colony intern, I was responsible for ensuring the daily husbandry needs of the Aquarium's 80+ individual penguins were met.  The New England Aquarium is home to three different species of penguins including: Rockhopper, African, and Little Blue Penguins.  I helped feed the individuals and maintained the exhibit for the health and safety of the animals.  I also provided ongoing educational outreach to guests and visitors.



          During my semester living abroad in Australia, I spent a majority of my time working with bats and volunteering at the Pteropus House (now called Tolga Bat Hospital).  This place is a hospital for orphaned megabats whose mothers had been killed due to paralysis ticks and various tropical diseases.  I helped to feed, swaddle, and monitor the collection of infant and juvenile bats.  I spent time working with the staff in their efforts to rehabilitate the bats--also known as flying foxes--for later reintroduction to the wild.



          As an intern for the African Veldt Wing of the Oakland Zoo, I supported the head keepers in ensuring the safety, health, and enrichment needs were met for captive giraffes, warthogs, hyenas, emus, vervet monkeys, wallabies, and meerkats. I also arranged and ran weekly question and answer sessions with the public.

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