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Nature, Ecology, and Society

               One of my biggest passions is my involvement with the Nature, Ecology, and Society (NES) network at CUNY.  The NES network an amazing team of students and faculty at CUNY who come together to discuss our shared concerns of issues like: environmental ethics, ecology, environmental justice, climate change, conservation, and natural resource management.  We meet throughout the year- hosting events like film screenings and public outreach efforts, and the culmination is the annual NES Colloquium held in March.

             The NES Colloquium has a different theme every year, allowing faculty, students, and interested members of the New York City community to meet, present, and discuss their research on topics like sustainability or environmental transitions.  My work with the NES network is geared towards facilitating this exchange of ideas to enhance dialogues, sharing of work, and future collaborations. 

             Environmental concerns are, by nature, multidimensional, which means that addressing them requires attention to the full range of interpretations and applications.  As an interdisciplinary researcher, I enjoy working together in the NES network with people from the humanities, social sciences, arts, and natural sciences because it expands the scope that I use to pursue my own research.

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